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The dots one connects to uncover Conspiratorial evil, and in this case a plan to depopulate the world by 90%, and America, Greece, Cypress, Ireland, Ice Land etc. But only one of the many nations affected took the proper steps, Amazing!, Back in the Day, Awesome, At the End of the Day, Woo-Woo!',
Conspiracy Theory, Terrorists, Al Qaeda, Fixing Pensions”(Definition, this is the same as the Nazi's attacking and murdering the intellectuals in various Euro nations. Behibd it are Neo-Nazis, whose goal is to bankrupting them using the FED and oil prices along with asset confiscation, by Feds, States, Cities, Etc.

The dots one connects to uncover Conspiratorial evil, and in this case a plan to depopulate the world by 90%, and America, Greece, Cypress, Ireland, Ice Land etc. all swallowed the lies, hook, line and sinker, instead of sinking the liars who will drive them into bankruptcy.

But only one of the many nations affected took the proper steps, ICELAND!
GOD BLESS ICELAND A NATION OF COMMON SENSE HEROES! They did what all should have done, that is regardless of position they should have arrested, indicted and slammed them into jail for the rest of their scummy lives.

For those who think that everything happens by accident, here is the reality news, everything that has ever happened, including “acts of God” were planned, like every war, the attempted genocide of American natives and of Jews, blacks, the mentally ill, Catholics, etc. by Nazi’s was obviously planned. Obvious to some few, in the beginning, but not by a majority, because always a trusted few people, can connect the dots others miss, and can see things coming by expertly reading between the lines.

In 1994 I began seeing land purchased by “builders” bought land in western Illinois for about $2175.00 per acre, then promptly created lots of sizes from one fifth of an acre to a full acre, starting at a selling price of $100,000 - $150,00 for the smaller lots, to $300,000 for the larger lots  lot. I wrote that before another Democrat would be elected president, the market would crash by 50% at least

By November 19, 2007, I began pulling out of stocks completing my pull out by March 2008. That same day, a VP at the brokerage firm I used, asked why I was pulling out. We met serving together on two boards of directorsICELAND!

Reality is very much unlike the redundant word/fraise clich├ęs of those with small vocabularies, bee-bee brains, lack of imagination, and inferior research skills, such as:
. He told me that the DOW, which that day sat at 14,198, was going to crack 15,000. I disagreed stating that it would crash to 7500 and in mid August 2008 I was thinking of shorting at least two ETF’s (DIA, SPY both of which represent financial aspect of the DOW) I would continue selling off my holdings and all but pull out completely by October 15 2008.

He said I was crazy. I said then call me October 15 2008, which he later did saying he had lost 60% of his net worth. He asked what I thought would happen next. I said if the DOW reaches over 9,000, by late 2009 February he should short to 6500. It climbed to 9, 500 and promptly fell to 6500.

I saw the signs, and did similarly, but for lesser drops in 1981,1984, 1989, and in August 2011, and  the Monday following Obama’s reelection 2012 he should expect a drop of about 350 points. I saw the signs, and connected  the dots. The whole thing was written about starting in 2008, several times. These were not accidents, or coincidences, I do not believe in coincidences.

Now, how do I know about the Depopulation plot?

Watch David Rockefeller’s comments on YOUTUBE, and pay attention to the things he has been saying for 60 years

Put, then into mind the massive 911 frauds, where NO fighter planes were scrambled to head off the planes, which hit the buildings.

Replay the speech of Bush, his physical demeanor as well as his smirk that night

Review the world wide attacks on the wealth of every nation, on the pension robberies, at the “Austerity” Programs which hid Pogroms, all tools of Hitler to crush those he wished to starve out, or simply mass murder with gas, fire, poisons, shootings, etc. Consider all of the recent wars where millions have been killed, and seriously wounded.

Think of the simple matter of jobs creation,m so simple a child could have thought of it, for the USA is to place EXCISE TAXES of 5% - 10% on ALL outsourcing and cheap imports above the retail price of domestic goods made in the USA. That would return the 31 million jobs lost or seriously damaged since 1981, half of which were lost during the Bush/Obama era. So simple that not one single person who ran for office never even mentioned it? Is that even possible? If so, then does that, by my saying so, my makes me the smartest man alive? No, the truth is it was one of the most shining examples of conspiracy and or corruption. Either all agreed to never reemploy those 31 millions, or they were all on the take from OUTSOURCEING?

Study the lack of need for the near Zero interest on savings. If the government wanted low rates for mortgages, they should have simply created a program for those who need special.  The near zero interest on savings have killed discretionary income for the middle classes, even at a rates of 5% - 7% that would be depriving the middle class of $385 billion a year to $545 Billion a year in discretionary income much of which would have been spent and/or invested all of which would have created jobs and sales.

Instead that Program hiding a Pogrom is slowly draining the middle class, as are oil, gas and other necessities pricing them out of reality when the base price of gas/oil is rising 13,000% while production costs and shipping is still at about  2.6 cents – 3.6 cents  a gallon and in every nation other than ours which produces such products can be bought at the pump in Venezuela 12 cents per gallon, and in fifty other nations between 45 cents to 99 cents a gallon. Even while the “FED” was giving away, robbing the treasury of $85 billions a month for six years under Obama (To the tune of $1.3 trillions of YOUR MONEY! So Far!) to criminal “Too Big to Fail.” (Meaning TOO BIG TO JAIL”, meaning “This is for elitists only, as this is an in your face in full view, daylight robbery of the total wealth of every non-multi-millionaire, American citizen.

Study the corporate, as well as and both parties attacking and looting pensions the rise of CEO salaries from 25 times average salary of employees to now 500 – 1300 times average salary of employees . Keep in mind that a Golden Rule of anything more than 25 times the average employee, including benefits and bonuses, is the standard in a democracy for CEO’s has been incredibly bloated, even though, and without prosecution is indictable under The RICO ACT the anti-conspiracy law, in this way: Executives and upper level friends and relatives of the ABC Corporation, sit on the Boards of Directors of the XYZ Corporation, while Executives and upper level friends and relatives of the XYZ Corporation, sit on the board of directors of the ABC Corporation, which should be considered conspiratorial, this prosecutable under said The RICO ACT , but is not, by attitude and intent of elected and appointed people. Is that at the behest of the White House? Senate? Congress?

I could go on and on like why no one doing anything about these white collar crimes, like confiscating the hidden $50 trillion dollars of laundered money which out lawmakers choose to ignore, are hidden away in offshore  banks.

Add it all up and it matches exactly what the so called “SECRET SOCIETIES” have been covering up, paying for, over the period beginning in the 1850’s with Malthus, M. Sanger, Hitler, Ayn Rand, and now many new have been doing for 164 years and now the “NEW WORLD ORDER” pushes forward with its much expanded idea created by Hitler’s staff.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today the question of what the rank and file of Americans thinks about Bush, Obama and Snoden came up on Brookings. Here is my answer.

What people think is of no matter, unless they are well informed which most are not. All that matters is truth and justice, which in our era of treason by two consecutive presidents is long lacking.

Obama and Bush have certainly broken the constitution and in a Neo-Nazi/fascist manner have declared war on the middle classes at the orders of several "Secret Societies".

Snoden should knighted and decorated with honors for his honest courage and Obama, whose hypocrisy and violence around the world and here in the USA, needs to be checked, and perhaps impeachment of Obama and a belated impeachment of Bush should be begun?

In the words of Abe Lincoln: "We the people
are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
PS: I voted for Obama in 2008, but not in 2012.

I have been an FDR Progressive all of my life, and I ask forgiveness for my voting error. Under this president we are seeing attacks on Catholicism and most of Christianity, upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights, outright lies about everything, the attempts to provoke and divide American citizens as well as the insulting and childlike attacks and taunting of the leaders of many nations including Russia,

Russia is a nation we should be befriending, a nation which is tied to China, to India and many Euro nations, now including Germany, and a good many Asian nations are in the process of cuddling up to Russia, and The Pope is casually turning his back on Obama, whose disrespect of our spiritual leader, a true man of God, is verification
of the strategy (and a sick one at that), of "Divide and Conquer.”

This "Divide and Conquer.” Is aimed at all Americans: middle class, black, brown, yellow, red, Christian, gay and straight, male and female all targeted against each other in an effort inspired by the Depopulation Nazi's in order to destabilize America as Obama and Bush have down elsewhere all over the globe. Any number of Euro and Asian nations, which previously interested in American friendship, are moving away form the WW II Japan and Hitler inspired sneak attacks and nations being "Set-up" framed, are silently moving toward closer ties with Russia and therefore India and China. which combined with their Nuclear power and the ability among them to put 500,000,000 pairs of boots on the ground.

To meddle with them by an egomaniac is shear suicide. If the president is suicidal, perhaps he was abused at one point in his life, and like Johnny Ringo is out for revenge. "REVENGE FOR WHAT?" YOU MAY ASK AS DID Wyatt EARP of Doc Holiday of Johnny Ringo, "What makes him do the evils he does? Said Earp. Doc Holiday's reply was "revenge".

“Revenge for what asked Earp, and the answer from Doc Holiday was:
"For Being Born."

Do you want America and most of the rest of the world to be depopulated in a Nazi like Holocaust - genocidal fashion, but of all nations save a few billionaires, because of one more sick world leader, who is fast pitting every nation against every other and every people against each other, creating envy, coveting, avarice, massive violence and mass killings and framing of people and nations, because of one sick mind, whose employees are too cowardly to correct him?

If what Obama is doing is such good things with horrific bills like the TPP why has he hiding it from Americans and even our allies as well as our own elected people? And still a greater question is, why are they doing NOTHING about it?

People used to ask when I was a boy, and even today still do, “Why did not the German people impeach Hitler? Well, ask yourself why Bush and Obama have not been impeached. People here are as foolish and cowardly as they were in Hitler’s Germany.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


In an Answer to  letter from a local congressman about jobs creation, which accomplished little to nothing:

Dear Sir:

There is only one way to creating the 31 million jobs lost since 1981, including half of that since the Bush/Obama  era. Right now there ARE 31 million Americans underemployed or unemployed. That is placing EXCISE TAXES OF 5% - 10% above the price of domestic made goods upon the treasonous OUTSOURCING anti-Americans.

Did you know, Congressman, that OUTSOURCING of jobs is merely a replacement for stupid CEO's of slavery? Did you know that boards of Directors of many corporations sit on each other's boards giving each other raises? Did you know I wrote a world wide article about that and that at least two Northern Euro nations have put into operation my advisory forbidding Board members to vote on salaries, bonuses, and benefits? And that each share holder has just one vote (not one for each share of stock they own, as in the USA) and so do employees? (I am not saying that my article was responsible for their idea, however. Great minds?)

Did you know that since 1981 American middle class workers have gained $1.45 in their income and that criminal corporate officers who once earned 25 times the average employee's salary, not through means that is we had  honest federal law enforcement agencies most CEO's could be tried and jailed under The RICO ACT for conspiracy to defraud shareholders? That is what any CEO is doing is they make more than the sacred 25 Times average employee Pay and benefits.

Did you also know that according to many studies, CEOs trail more than 30 - 40 other professional's in IQ by a considerable differential? They include: Professors, Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Architects, engineers, Professional Football Coaches, Movie Directors and Producers and many others, including the CEO's and workers of Sweden, where the minimum wage is $19.00 an hour, and which CEO's and their employees share the exact same benefits, and those CEO's of the Top 50 Corporations there make an average of $1.8 million a year, and their corporations are very well received and profitable? Of course, unlike this administration and both parties, they have no plans to depopulate their working class.

FROM SHAREHOLDERS, employees, and the public in general. That is the mathematical magic number which pays well all from CEO to lowest employee, and that is why Sweden is called and surveys prove this, the Happiest people in the World. (Of course, if you have ever seen the Swedish females, you might say that is one more reason why the Swedes are so happy, and from what I hear the female women feel the same happiness about their Swedish men.) (LOL)?

The jobs per month figures from Washington are a joke, we need 830,000 jobs per month at above average pay and benefits for 5 years to put everyone back to work. And now even the most honest republicans and democrats I know are praying for the return of a new New Deal and a New FDR. And that is the real truth!

Conversely the Average CEO of the top 50 companies in America make $25 million a year which varies from 500 - 1500 times as much as their average employee, and they do not share the same benefits and more than 75% of those companies are not as profitable as those in Sweden. Any salary above 25 times average employee salaries is STEALING FROM SHAREHOLDERS, employees, and the public in general.

The jobs per month is a jokes, we need 830,000 jobs per month at above average pay and benefits for 5 years to put everyone back to work. And now even the most honest republicans and democrats I know are praying for the return of a new New Deal and a New FDR. And that is the real truth!

Professor Peter Bagnolo

I wish you a happy Easter, and say to you I will vote 100% Republican if my suggestions are put into operation by this congress and senate.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 THE LACK OF IQ, CONCIENCE AND CREATIVITY OF USA CE... THE LACK OF IQ, CONCIENCE AND CREATIVITY OF USA CE...: The Minimum wage in several nations in Europe (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) is not a law, but instead an agreement betwee...


The Minimum wage in several nations in Europe (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) is not a law, but instead an agreement between their high minded national industries and the workers (unions) have set wages at $19.00 per hour and the government provides through tax use, complete health sans deductibles, all at no other cost as well as a college education  free of costs to all students . The elected officials, CEO's, workers and retirees of Sweden, unlike their avarice filled counterparts in the USA, all share the same health care and educational programs. The healthcare plan of the US President, Senate and many appointed White House consulting staff have the best health care on the planet, all of which is anti-constitutional. But, hell, as Bush pointed out, "What is the Constitution? It is just a piece of paper..." 
Those are the sort of comments that send people straight to Hades.

The average CEO of the top 50 Swedish companies makes $1.8 millions per year, which is about 25 times that of the average employee.That was the rate of pay in FDR's era. However, in the US the average CEO of the top 50 corporations is more than $25 million and many reach $40 - $50 million, if bonuses are included, per year, which is about 500 - 1000 times that of the average employee.

The elected officials, CEO's, workers and retirees in America DO NOT share the same health and educational plans. The cost for the workers is a hugely higher percent of their income than that of the elected officials and CEO's.

Many talented Americans who are qualified, are thinking of moving to nations like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. where workers are treated with respect and are sought after. Those considering moving with which I have spoken say they are doing so for the their children’s future and because of the hostility of many elected officials and corporations, and especially of banks and bankers and the ease at which Wall Streeter’s, bankers and war criminals steal and slaughter with impunity from Americans ands other nations and because they feel that their children will be safer and have a better, more peaceful life, just as our ancestors moved from Italy to America during the US Civil 140 years ago for the same reasons.

America is fast becoming what Germany was in the 1920's - 1940's. We have prayed for another FDR, but our prayers were not fulfilled.

I have sat on boards of directors and watched as corporations allowed boards to give incredibly high salaries and bonuses to CEO's which were not only not earned but stolen from shareholders, because boards and CEO's allow their executives to swap places sitting on each others boards their conspiratorial breaking of the RICO ACT is ignored. If it were not, most CEO's and board members would be in jail as well as fined. Fining alone for corporations and executives is a minimal and acceptable cost to them, because most of the time the corporation pays, thus the board members and executives steal from both the shareholders and employees, also with impunity. This has to stop.

The reality as shown by many studies of IQ, creativity and evidence of a working consciense, is that American CEO's are far down the list of High IQ's and/or creativity, and that working concience. There ranks ahead of them, among many others, the following: Professors, scientists, Doctors, Priests, ministers and rabbi's, Professional football coaches, the IQ and creativity of the CEO's of industries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, professional authors, movie producers, Shakespearean actors, several frogs, and a good many avocados, my left shoehorn, several dead peony flowers, and many others.

When Jimmy Cater was president when the Gas/Oil companies attempted to raise prices from $7.00 per barrel to $25.00 per barrel, he hit them with a Windfall Profit tax and capped oil at $8.00 - $10.00 a barrel. After the election in 2008 the price of gas dropped from about $5.00 per gallon to in December 2008 to $1.44 out of fear that Obama, then newly elected, would emulate Carter.

He did nothing and the oil companies  started testing the waters by raising the prices a bit then backing down until they were certain he was really no Democrat. Once finally convinced that he was on their side, they went hog wild. Moreover, interest on savings, always the most popular and helpful source of the middle class discretionary income has been intentionally dried up, and is allowing the bankers to keep that $350 - $545 billions a year, in addition to the $850 billions a month the FED is giving them since Obama’s election is draining even those among the upper middle class, whose pensions (in Illinois and elsewhere) are under attack by corporations and even Democrats.)

America may soon be lost forever along with FDR’s Invention of the Middle Classs.

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

Bush, Obama, Blair, the Tea Party and Satan, Five of A Kind

Instead of cutting Social Security, ask the villains listed below TO RESIGN. The list includs The President, the Tea Party, along with Congressperson Reid Ribble, Paul Ryan as well as many others in both Parties, all of which want to cut Social Security.

The idea of "Austerity" is a completely Anti-Judeo/Christian idea, promulgated by a fascists and Nazi concept in which, Hitler, stole and twisted the Judeo-Christian, Catholic, Religious Holy acts of sacrifice, fasting, and prayer, all aimed at catching the attention of the Creator to make good things happen, but changed by collusion of those same Fascists into a sadistic scheme to slaughter the world population slowly by starvation, lack of income, absence of health care, cutting & confiscating of pensions and destroying the middle classes. Keep in mind the words of Jesus, and St. Paul, “Dedication by people to, and worship of ever increasing wealth, is the root cause of every sort of evil…” (short translation, “…love of manna is the base root of all evil…”).

These evil actions surpass the scheme of Germany from the 1920's to their defeat in 1945, (which took between 40 million to 50 million lives) has being reincarnated God’s worst enemies, bankers, money exchangers by world wide Corporate, banking and political FASCISM dedicated depopulation. (Recall please, that Jesus’ only act of violence against humans which occurred on the portico of the Temple, as he whipped and overturned the tables of cash money, disheveling the bankers of his era, the money exchangers, who played the same game, but not  quite as badly, as the world bankers are trying now, cheating on the differential.)

As I predicted months ago, that while the government here is quietly trying to depopulate us, thinking the other nations will follow suit, what in their incompetnce they do/did not know was/is that China and Russia have no intention of doing the same, as they will quietly INCREASE their population. In fact, this week China announced, in preparation for the near future, that they are rescinding their dogma/mandate, of limiting each family to one child, thus bulking up and creating more jobs in expansion of its plans to increase the their population and thus its MILITARY, while this president continues to not create good paying jobs.

America and the rest of the planet are in a struggle with Beings from Hell, placed high in public office and corporate Industry, incarnated and making this prayer even more viable, as it points right at the true evil in our political and corporate world:

"Holy Michael, Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of  the Devil - those many which are strongly under the the control of Satan.

"Thus God our Holy Father, Creator of all that is, we beseech thee, to command him, and do thou also, St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly host, by God's Divine Power, thrust into Hell, Satan and his incarnate beings, whose minds and souls, out of greed, avarice and hatred, roam the earth, seeking the ruin of nations, lives, and souls."

"We beseech Thee Almighty God, to send us a New Passover, and a New FDR, to drive out the insanity of Greed, Avarice, hatred against all that God has created and bring back the America of the Greatest Generation, the America of democracy, honesty, love of one another and peace, and end this reign of financial, healthcare, and corporate Terrorism by Americans against Americans.

Recall Please the words of the Prophet,

"A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and great lamentation; Rachel weeping for her children, and she could not be consoled, since they were no more..."

If we allow what has been happening these last 13 years to continue we will be the “…Children which are no more…”

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

This is an open letter to Senator Rand Paul on his attempt to destroy unions:

Dear Senator Rand Paul::

I have supported many of your petitions, most in fact, but not this one. American CEO's have on average the lowest IQ among more than 30 professional leadership positions and industries but through corrupt systems make more money than most of those, which are much smarter.

In the northern European nations, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, minimum wages are $19.00 and hour, more than twice ours. Their top 50 CEO's earn $1.8 millions a year and their other executives make considerably less.

In a shocking comparison the top 50 CEO's here in the USA make $25+ millions a year not counting incredible bonuses for them and their other executives, which make up to 60% as much as the CEO's, thus stealing HUGE amounts of cash from shareholders, employees, and the IRS. Now many other nations are considering laws to crack down on the corruption in CEO's/Boards of Directors relationships, thus preventing CEO's and their buddies which are Board members from stealing from Shareholders, Employees and the IRS, as well as end their black mailing of governments  over tax breaks in all 50 states, thus stealing even more billions from working class people.

Now perhaps a US bill can be passed making the decisions on executive compensation to be solely in the hands and votes of employees and shareholders, which would be true justice. And perhaps some Attorney General will find a conscience and go after the CEO'/Board of Director's shell game and indict thousands of them.

Corporations in many nations outside of the US are forbidden by law to steal from share holders because they have long known what apparently the US politicians do not comprehend, that Boards of Directors of are now much the like Mafia, as one hand washes the other and many CEO's or their underlings sit on boards of those CEO's and other executives, who sit on their boards, thus are open to, but are not so far charged with conspiracy under the Conspiracy Mob bill, THE RICO ACT, but they not only should be, but are candidates to be so charged. They have become Economic Terrorists, just as have many elected officials. The current status of most CEO's is fascism, whether or not they are smart enough to comprehend their treasonous actions. As JESUS and ST.Paul said, "Avarice/greed are the root seeds of every evil..."

In Switzerland Boards of Directors may no longer vote on CEO and other executives salaries perks or bonuses, those decisions are now in the hands of share holders.

$100's of Billions of US dollars are stolen from shareholders and associates corporations each year by corrupt boards and CEOs conspiring to rape corporations and THAT IS WHAT IS making them NON--competitive.

What this shows is that CEO's in the nations I mention above, which are doing very well as are their employees and they are much, much, smarter and less likely to whine as US CEO's. You are calling for a serf/royalty economy in this exaggerated bill which is unpatriotic.

What you are advocating will remove discretionary income from American workers, which would certainly damage our economy. You bill is almost as bad as OUTSOURCING, which is to most Americans because it weakens American workers incomes and destroys morale and destabilizes our nation and has cost American workers since 1980 more than $33 trillion and has cost our economy $40 trillions. The CEO's you speak of have tax dodges in offshore banks as well as hidden income totaling more than $35 Trillion more dollars. Want to be competitive? Then cap CEO salaries at the same level as those in Sweden etc. instead of allowing them to continue stealing even more from the once and near dead middle class. CEO’s are stealing from employees as well, by $10s of Billions each year.

I am disappointed in you. I thought you were a patriot for all to admire, plainly and clearly I was wrong. You sound in this matter like a Club of Rome, Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral Commission, anti-American worker supporter of "austerity" for the working class and steal all they can from the corporations.

I suppose many whose intellect is lacking will buy into this idea, but in my book it is treason, and it is placing you in the same category similar to that of the Present Administration.

I am startled by this email. In the years since 1980, more than $150 trillion dollars have been diverted from the US income tax by corporations and CEOs while the salaries and benefits of workers have raised only $1.50, there has been several $100 billions of increases in income for Executives, and you want to make that difference larger? This idea approaches depopulation through starvation. It sounds also like NEW WORLD ORDER, and A World Of ONE Nation.

Did you know that American workers are being offered much higher paying jobs in several nations, and many are accepting those jobs, some of which are in Russia, China, Brazil, and many others?

Let us out an end to avarice which has effected every branch and layer of government, as so many are on the pay role of Secret Societies many of which are filled with "royalty" which minds are insufficient because of centuries of intermarriage and hoarding in Hell bound avarice.

American CEO's have on average the lowest IQ among more than 30 professional leadership positions and industries, here are some of them:

Physicians, Professors, Architects, Engineers, Film and TV producers and Directors, scientists, Mathematicians, Generals, High School science teachers, College and professional Football coaches, professional gamblers,  Hedge Fund managers, Brokers, Senators, etc.

I will now have to reconsider supporting and defending you in my articles and blogs. This makes me very sad.

Professor Peter Bagnolo,

Rand Paul
Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

See the video the Union Bosses DO NOT want you to see. Viewer discretion is advised.

Dear Professor Emeritus Peter,

I want to talk to you about a problem that has:

1. Crippled America's competitive edge;

2. Forced countless companies overseas;

3. And polluted our political process for nearly half a century.

And my One Page Bill will reverse it all...

Click here to see the breaking video.

Watch it now before Big Labor shuts it down.


Rand Paul
U.S. Senator (R-KY)

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